It all started with a few rustic signs for our home...and a lot of love and faith

With a hand drawn picture of a 100-year-old schoolhouse and an antique reed organ, both of which are cherished family heirlooms, I had to find a way to tie in some home decor and that is how my love of all things rustic started. With my creative talents and my husbands love for wood working we started making signs and decor for our own home and then making these things as gifts for others. Word of mouth starting spreading about us that turned into a whole new world of custom creation requests from others that evolved to what is now The Rustic Earth. We took on a new adventure as a family by opening our shop that has changed our lives forever and turned into a way of life for us. We absolutely love what we do and wouldn't trade it for anything even on the craziest of days in the busiest of seasons. It's never considered a job, but a blessing to our family that we can share the love of what we do with others. Our lives have taken turns and go above and beyond anything we ever could have imagined for ourselves and so here we are!